How to create a logo if you are not a designer

How to create a logo if you are not a designer

Posted by HookThemes staff on March 14, 2017

A logo is a graphic mark or symbol that represents a brand or a business. If you are building a brand, a website or a blog, it’s important to have one. Once you will have your logo, you can put it on your website, all your social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, on your business card and anywhere you can think of.

Creating a logo is not easy. You need the knowledge of software like Illustrator or PhotoShop and you need the creativity to design a clever and beautiful logo. Creating a bad logo could hurt your business as it’s usually the first thing someone will see. If your logo doesn’t look professional or is too “basic”, your visitors/readers/customers might not take you seriously.

In this blog post, I will list few different ways to create a logo if you are not a designer. Most of the ways listed below cost money as someone else will create the logo for you. All solutions are quite affordable and I will add some pros and cons for each way to create your logo.



99Designs logo creation

99Designs is a graphic design marketplace used by 1.4 million designers. It is known for its contests and the principle is quite simple but it can also be tricky at the same time.

The first step is to create a contest, for a logo in our case. You will need to write a design brief of what you want and decide how much money will go to the winner of your contest. After few hours after launching your contest, you will start to receive designs of your future logo. You will need to rate and comment the logos you received to help the designer to go in the good direction. There are three rounds of changes to get to the final result. Once you are happy with a logo, you will select the winner of your contest. The winning designer will receive the money and you will receive the logo.

It can be overwhelming as you may receive more than one hundred logos in the first 24 hours. If you want to get the most from 99Designs, you will need to spend some time rating and commenting the logos. It can easily take few hours to rate and comment on one hundred logos.

The most important part of having a successful contest is the design brief. The design brief will tell the designer exactly what you want. If you are not sure of what you want, there will be more risk for you to be disappointed as the designer could go in a direction you don’t like.

The website of 99Designs itself is easy to use with many features that will help you to get a logo you like. The price for a logo goes from $299 to $1,299.

Visit 99Designs


Upwork logo creation

Upwork is a freelancing platform where you can find freelancers to do almost any type of computer work. From writers to C++ developers, if you need someone to develop an Android app, to write an essay for your master’s degree or to design a logo, you will find the right person on Upwork.

The principle of Upwork is quite different from 99Designs. You post a job, in our case, Creating a logo and you set your budget and designers will apply. There is no budget limit and you can find all types of quality on Upwork. It means that if you have a $30 budget you will not receive the same applications than if your budget is $2000.

You will have more freedom with Upwork in some way but that freedom might not be a good thing, let me explain. With Upwork, you will not have to follow any structures or steps for the progress of your project while on 99Designs you will need to follow the contest process. You are the only person who knows which type of process is better for you.


Fiverr logo creation

Fiverr is another marketplace where every job starts at $5 and can increase depending on what you want in extra of that $5. Between the three services presented, Fiverr is by far the cheapest one but also the one that will give you a logo worth $5.

The principle is the opposite of Upwork. Instead of posting a job on the site and receiving offers from freelancers, you will browse jobs and select a provider. There are hundreds of providers in the logo design category and it’s hard to make a difference between all the providers because there is no way to know if they really created the logos they show in their portfolios. Most logos featured in their portfolios are generic and could work with any brands in a specific category.

Outsourcing winner

My personal choice to outsource the creation a logo would be 99Designs. Why? Because I have used it twice, nothing related to HookThemes, and I was really pleased with the results. Like stated above, the most important step of a successful contest on 99Designs is a really good and detailed brief.

For Upwork, I would not use it for any graphic design as 99Designs exists and it’s specifically for graphic design projects. I would use Upwork for anything that is not related to graphic design like the development of a new feature on our website for example.

Personally, I would not buy a logo on Fiverr, I featured it in this article only to show the whole spectrum of outsourcing the creation of a logo, from cheap and not really worth it (Fiverr) to affordable with a guided process (99Designs) to affordable or expensive with more freedom (Upwork).

DIY (Do It Yourself)

This section is “almost” the opposite of what the title of this article is: “How to create a logo if you are not a designer”. If you have some basic knowledge of a software like Illustrator, Photoshop or Gimp (free), you could find a graphic resource on Internet and modify it by putting your company/website name on it.

Premium vector logos

Premium vector logos

There are a lot of premium vector websites on the Internet and one of the most popular ones is Depositphotos. If you search logos on Depositphotos, you will find literally hundreds of thousands of vector logo which mean you will need Illustrator or Gimp to edit them.

Visit Depositphotos

Free vector logos

Free vector logos

As the premium vector websites but free! The most popular free website is freepik. You can find a lot of free vector logos on freepik but the choice and quality might be lower than premium vector websites.

Overall winner

With all those options, my first choice would still be 99Designs. That’s the best solution for your money and this, of course, is my personal opinion based on previous experiences.

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