Creating the menus

After installing your new theme you will need to add the navigation to your website. We create our themes with two menus, one for the desktop version and the other one for the mobile version. This way, it gives you more flexibility so you can have two different link structures for the two versions. You are also free to add the same links to both menus so they will have the same structure.

Follow these steps to setup both menus.

1. Go to Appearance > Menus

2. Click on the create a new menu link.

3. Name your menu. We called ours Main menu as it’s the one for the desktop version. After that click on the Create Menu button.

4. After creating your menu, you need to apply a location. Check the location Primary for the desktop version then click on Save Menu.

5.For the mobile menu, you will need to create another menu and assign the Mobile location.

Once your two menus are created, you can add the links to them.